Welcome and greetings, my name is Natalie.

Yoga came into my life during childhood. My mom took me to kids yoga classes while she took her hatha yoga. There were a few of us and I remember hopping around like animals, but they were actually yoga poses. Soon I graduated to hatha classes with my mom and I am forever grateful to her for bringing yoga into my life.

Throughout high school I worked as a receptionist at a yoga studio for almost three years. I spent countless hours taking all the classes under many teachers. From hot vinyasa to yin, hatha, kundalini, ariel, restorative, raja, yoga nidra, and meditations; I have experienced many forms of yoga. I continue to grow and educate myself on the many areas of yoga and accompanying wellness practices. Reiki and sound baths also became vital practices for personal healing.

In 2018, I received my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification. Since then, I have been teaching in group studio settings, private one-on-one experiences, the Zoom environment, large event fundraisers, and impromptu classes with family and friends. I have experience teaching young and old, new, and advanced practitioners of yoga. My specialties are yin yoga, guided meditations, sound baths, and vinyasa yoga. Another healing modality I have practiced and received certification in (2023) is Sound Ceremony. Please reference the “Offerings” page for information on available bookings and the “Descriptions” page for explanations of these practices.

Blooming Bliss Yoga is an ode to the mindfulness practices that have transformed my life to feel more peaceful, fulfilling, and joyful. It is my goal to share this bliss with anyone and everyone. I believe in the butterfly effect, where one small change can result in a large difference. By engaging with yoga, meditation, sound frequency, or any mindful practice we are initiating the substantial shift for the collective.

Thank you for being here and I hope to connect soon!