This page is to share more information on what the mindful practices are. These definitions are adaptations which align with Natalie’s personal perception. Please enjoy!

Affirmation meditation: this special meditation will be curated for YOU. Intentions and goals will be set which will then be transformed by Natalie into a unique set of affirmations for you and your meditation.

Breathwork: or known as “Pranayama” in Sanskrit. This meditation will include different breathing techniques that have an array of benefits from calming the nervous system, to strengthening lungs, to naturally energizing yourself.

Gratitude meditation: this meditation will bring a sense of contentment to your life. You will be guided to invite different forms of gratitude into your being.

Loving Kindness meditation: this heart-centered meditation will work to increase your compassion for others and yourself. This will help to release judgment and grudges, cool the reactive emotions, and warm your heart.

Meditation: any method which helps to calm the mind and find focused awareness. Most commonly we think of meditation as sitting still but anything can become meditative: exercising, cleaning, art, yoga… The benefits of meditation improve physical, mental, and emotional health and are long lasting if practiced consistently.

Mindfulness: “the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis” (retrieved from Merriam-Webster)

Mindful practice: any practice which helps to bring presence into your life; presence of thoughts, actions, feelings, and sensations. These practices are often wellness focused and help us feel good.

Sound bath: commonly known as “sound healing,” sound baths utilize frequencies from different instruments to bring a state of bliss to you. While these frequencies have been cited to heal the bodies molecular structure, the healing comes from YOU and any shifts you may be choosing for your wellbeing. You will mainly lay down comfortably, find a meditative head space, and receive from instruments like quartz crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, chimes, drums, and much more.

Vinyasa yoga: the physical yoga practice where you continue to flow from one posture to the other. The pace can be quick or controlled, in a hot or unheated space, and adjusted to your wants and needs. Perfect for individuals who are looking to strengthen and improve flexibility and mobility.

Yin yoga: the calming practice of yoga where you hold the posture for a longer period of time (3 + minutes) to reach the deep tissues. Postures may be supported with props and are accompanied by guided meditations. Do not fear, Warriors are not included, you mostly lay down or remain seated.

Yoga: personally, yoga is a way of living. There are the many types of physical practice, which all become a moving meditation. However, yoga has history, culture, ethics, and spirit that must be acknowledged. Every yoga offering will pay respect to the holistic form of yoga rather than the purely physical aspect.