Blooming Bliss Yoga guarantees a stellar experience! Types of offerings are listed below. It is easy to combine offerings or make any special arrangements, just ask! If you have a special idea we can ensure it comes to life. If you are curious of what may be best for you, refer to the “Descriptions” page or reach out for Natalie’s guidance. Any mindful practice can be created in the format that best suits your needs, preview them below.


All levels based

Vinyasa flow


Fitness and/or flexibility based

Sound Bath


Gratitude Meditation


Affirmation meditation

Loving Kindness meditation

Personal Sessions

A one-on-one experience is one of the most effective environments for development. Each practice will be tailored to your needs and specific goals. This is a wonderful space to intimately connect with yourself. Receive full attention to ensure a safe, impactful, and fulfilling practice.

Group Sessions

Elevate your social circle with any mindfulness practice of your choice. Corral your friends and family to create a fun atmosphere.

Conscious Celebrations

Any celebration is an opportunity to invite your higher self in to the picture. From birthdays to anniversaries, baby or bridal showers, any event can include mindfulness. Not only does the guest of honor receive but so do the other attendees present. Let us create something beautiful for your special day.

Public Offerings

In studio yoga classes can be found here just look for Natalie. Or shift to the Upcoming Events page for monthly yoga, sound, or mindfulness classes open to anyone in the South Florida area.

Give the Gift of Mindfulness

Personal growth is priceless! Surprise a loved one with a personal, couple, or group session already arranged or simplify matters with a gift certificate.

Are you ready?

You must be if you have arrived here! Reach out to [email protected] for a free 15 minute consultation. This time will allow us to create your unique offering, set intention, and handle any logistics. Until we meet have a blissful day.